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Affiliate Program

Our generous affiliate program pays out up to $8 EPC (Earnings Per Click), the highest in the travel industry. We pay a success bounty of up to $80 per booking. Your job is to deliver us traffic. Our job is to capture leads, which we do really well, and then to convert those leads into sales. Our affiliates can choose from lots of high converting widgets and banners and we don't use any third party cookies.


We do not use third party cookies for tracking so there's no drop off. If the customer uses the widget, they will absolutely, 100%, undoubtedly, become your customer. There's no third party cookies (e.g. PPC, affiliate networks, display etc) that will counter your cookie because we pay out on a FIRST-CLICK basis.


You can view your reports at any time within our affiliate panel. Access will be provided upon confirmation. Here's what it looks like:


campervan affiliate program


Payment Tiers


  • 1-5 sales per month: $50 per sale
  • 5-10 sales per month: $65 per sale
  • +10 sales per month: $80 per sale 

Standard 4WD/4x4 (not 4x4 Campers)

  • 1-5 sales per month: $25 per sale
  • 5-10 sales per month: $32.50 per sale
  • +10 sales per month: $40 per sale

Note that any refunds caused by cancellations will be deducted from future months. The refund will be equivalent to the amount paid out for that customer. This is a rare event, less than 0.5% of sales are cancelled due tot he very strict cancellation policies of the campervan rental companies.


If you're interested, please complete the following. On hitting submit the various affiliate banners will be emailed to you. We ask for Paypal but are open to other payment methods. We'll email you and you can let us know any changes.